EnerTribe recognizes the importance of history, as well as documenting accomplishments. Because of this, we produce documentary videos for many of our projects. This creates a record our clients get to keep and use for reports, documentation, and posterity. It’s another small touch we try to provide in our commitment to going above and beyond on every project.

Project Documentaries

Tribal Broadband: Bridging the Divide

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many tribes faced unprecedented challenges. The inconveniences of a lack of reliable communication became a threat to life and their way of life. EnerTribe was able to work with the Hoopa Valley and Yurok Tribes to apply for funding and build out broadband infrastructure to meet their needs at that dark hour.

Tribal Broadband: Hoopa Valley Tribe

EnerTribe worked with the Hoopa Valley Tribe to address their specific challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Together, a new Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) named Acorn Wireless was formed to provide Internet access to those previously unserved on the reservation. This allowed lost services to resume and people to come together in safe online spaces.

Tribal Broadband: Yurok Tribe

The Yurok Tribe selected EnerTribe as a partner to expand and update their existing infrastructure to provide Internet to those living on the reservation. In areas that were only just added to the electrical grid, Internet soon followed, bringing unprecedented access and connection to those residents and a resumption of lost services.

Round Valley Indian Tribes, Part 1

Follow from the start as EnerTribe partners with the Round Valley Indian Tribes in Covelo, CA on this journey to equitable Broadband. In this installment, the team gets to know the specific needs of Council and begins evaluating the area to determine the best course of action for a connected future.

Round Valley Indian Tribes, Part 2

Working with Tarana Wireless hardware and engineers, the EnerTribe team oversees the training and installation of next generation wireless equipment on existing towers. This upgrade was vital to move away from an unreliable wireless system with operation risks and stabilize struggling infrastructure.

Round Valley Indian Tribes, Part 3

With the Tarana Wireless rollout well underway, we go behind the scenes to learn about this exciting collaboration and what it means for the residents of Round Valley. This unique blend of cultural understanding and technology looks to have far reaching effects here and for future projects in Indian Country.

Shorts and Teasers

Facilitating Workforce Development

A huge focus for EnerTribe is workforce development for tribes. When undertaking infrastructure projects we look for all opportunities to ensure that tribal members get needed training. We were thrilled to be able to partner up the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District staff and Hunter Communications for some hands-on training in the field.

EnerTribe and Tarana Partnership

EnerTribe is pleased to be working with Tarana Wireless on the Round Valley Indian Tribes project. Get some insights from Chris Fiker, EnerTribe Senior Wireless Engine, as to why Tarana Wireless was selected as our hardware partner.

Yurok Broadband Short

The Yurok Tribe faced many difficulties when contemplating how to provide Internet to residents on the reservation. Get to know some of the challenges and triumphs in this short preview.

Hoopa Valley Broadband Short

To address vital communication needs, the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District partnered with EnerTribe to find a solution. The result was the creation of Acorn Wireless.


Forest’s Interview with WAV

Forest discusses our partnership with Tarana Wireless and the potential it has to influence hardware design for use in Indian Country.

Gilbert’s Interview with WAV

Gilbert discusses the Round Valley Indian Tribes project and the impact of using the Tarana Wireless G1 next-generation hardware.

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