Many tribes incubate broadband projects in the IT department, and others have made a separation from the tribal government operating as a business. In either case, tribes often require careful consideration for the tribal network, the ISP network, and local provider networks, creating a world where all three entities can freely operate in an efficient manner. EnerTribe has in-depth experience in creating scalable networks for all three entities.

ENGINEERING Network architecture and engineering are often overlooked, and unless properly accounted for, can cause a myriad of issues. From engineering through procurement, construction, and operations, EnerTribe team adds to tribal resources.

PROCUREMENT Simply trying to keep up with the procurement process for any large project can tax resources. EnerTribe resources seek to simplify the process, allowing for a more timely build. Some products can be stocked as needed.

INSTALLATION As with all projects, the proper configuration and optimization of the network architecture can ensure the long-term stability of the network.