Projects come to their knees and potentially stop altogether with improper permitting  

Without proper planning for environmental, cultural and permitting considerations, your projects are a lot less likely to succeed.  

EnerTribe has a highly effective permitting team. Our staff have over 30 years of experience in natural resource management, research, and education. EnerTribe’s Director of Permitting (Dr. Penny Eckert) has worked extensively with watershed analysis, land use, land tenure, and land management analysis. She has worked both nationally and internationally with environmental impact assessment of large and small projects, and has authored numerous environmental documents.

Penny has led interdisciplinary teams in complex environmental assessment projects and has been responsible for the completion of the technical reports.  In addition to her technical skills, Dr. Eckert excels at establishing successful working relationships with regulatory agencies and negotiating terms and conditions of environmental permits that are practical, economically feasible, and environmentally compliant.  Her skills in strategic thinking and her inclusive approach to project leadership have enabled her to be successful in complex problem solving and in finding solutions that are acceptable to all parties.

Dr. Eckert is an experienced project manager with specialized skills in federal and state environmental permitting and compliance.  She has worked with clients in the private and public sectors to successfully analyze and permit projects. She has managed projects ranging in value to $10 million, and projects of both short and multi-year duration.  

EnerTribe Director of Cultural Services spent many years building the THPO department of the Northern Arapaho from 2 staff members to as much as a 13 person thriving Tribal Historic Preservation Office.  Yufna Soldier-Wolf has years of experience with Section 106, Environmental Impact Studies, cultural surveys, NAGPRA efforts and working cooperatively with the state and local officials. EnerTribe has a team of experts who thrive in the ever growing but difficult environmental permitting world.

Environmental, Permitting & Cultural Services

  • Cultural intermediary services, surveys & training seminars
  • Section 106 Assistance, Compliance & Grants
  • Program planning
  • Vertical formation & training
  • Environmental compliance
  • NEPA compliance assistance
  • Repatriations from Federal institutions
  • Compliance for NAGPRA grants and funding
  • Traditional cultural properties and Federal regs
  • Sacred Sites and Federal Regs
  • Additional Training Topics:
    • Cultural Sensitivity for Sacred Sites
    • Understanding FCC Compliance and Federal Regs
    • Federal GIS/Mapping
    • Archaeology and Mapping
    • Government to Government Consultation