Carrier-grade wireless systems serve as an essential tool for tribes and have the potential to solve critical communication issues in tribal government, tribal business, and tribal departments such as the office of emergency services, planning, Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO), Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO), the Department of Natural Resources, and many others in and around indigenous communities. At times, wireless systems may help reach extremely remote areas and aid in the preservation of culturally sensitive sites. As fiber is built out, our wireless services can be repurposed for other needs. EnerTribe engineers have helped design, engineer, configure and operate thousands of wireless radios and access points for Tribes, Providers, and Agencies. Our teams have industry expertise in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint (all major frequencies), Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), and two-way wireless systems for public safety. DAS plays a critical role in wireless systems for two-way and cellular communications indoors for rural and urban areas. The EnerTribe team have an in-depth understanding of all phases of wireless deployments and working with tribes.

ENGINEERING Making an investment in carrier-grade wireless systems can be expensive and require much in the way of resources that may be hard to come by for tribes. Tribes often find themselves having to rip-and-replace equipment worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars. EnerTribe makes use of industry leading wireless propagation software for determining the best point-to-point path calculations and point-to-multipoint propagation analysis. Our teams ensure that the products you invest in last for as long as possible and can be operated by the tribes by including training in the configuration and installation process. Specialized services like wireless frequency mapping, channel planning, and network design are tried and tested long before being deployed in the field. Our engineers are first in and last out when it comes to these wireless deployments.

PROCUREMENT Thanks to the many tribes who work with our company, EnerTribe has some of the most competitive pricing for tribal broadband projects. And thanks to our distributors, we have a great deal of lending capacity for large projects. Deployments in a Reservation or city often involve hundreds or even thousands of highly technical components needing to be shipped from all over, creating many opportunities for expensive deployments to be stalled and precious resources to be wasted. EnerTribe is a value added reseller (VAR) for all industry leading brands in carrier-grade wireless systems, allowing us to create, track, and manage all phases of deployment. Tribes use EnerTribe as a
native TERO-certified preferred vendor to help simplify the procurement process.

CONSTRUCTION Obtaining and configuring equipment is one thing, but then the proper installation and maintenance of wireless carrier systems requires industry experts in several different fields. Our teams consist of certified tower climbers, wireless engineers and technicians, network engineers, and architects. When in the field working across hundreds of miles, the careful timing of downtime is crucial to the successful operations of a tribally chartered wireless systems. Our teams have deployed thousands of wireless systems and aim to train tribal staff and tribal members throughout the construction process. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job, training tribal technicians in support of tribal sovereignty.

OPERATIONS Once up and operating, “up-time” allows people to call for help, operate their business, see their doctor, and attend school. Our teams have experienced first-hand the impacts of the lack of reliable and robust broadband communications. The operations of a new network can either help add resources to a tribe, or waste valuable money and resources. Networks all require operational support, but properly built networks allow operators to simply focus on signing up new customers or expand wireless services and redundancy, whereas poorly built networks require technicians to spend most of their time trying to keep up with all the system alerts that occur. EnerTribe strives not only to ensure that networks are built to maximize “up-time,” but also to simplify the operations of both large and small wireless systems. These go hand-in-hand in successful network operations.