EnerTribe got its start in highly technical broadband engineering studies, feasibility studies, market studies, business plans, and overall technical assistance. Our teams found that by including an overall comprehensive economic development (or diversification) strategy into a technology master plan and broadband strategy, tribes were better positioned to obtain more funding and maximize existing grant and tribal funds. Careful interdepartmental planning can have a major impact on all aspects of infrastructure projects. EnerTribe’s planning services can be broken down into two categories: Telecommunications and Economic Development. 

TELECOMMUNICATIONS It all begins with a plan, but a plan without action can be useless unless its implementation begins immediately. EnerTribe takes this planning process further by including aspects of the engineering phases of a project in our studies, which has led to a higher success rate. Tribes often have a broadband study completed but not acted upon, and thus it soon becomes out of date. Our practices for broadband planning include feasibility studies, market studies, business plans, technical analysis and engineering, permitting, construction, and methods. Our goal is to ensure that the tribes have actionable data to begin implementing the next steps before the study is completed, which could occur even two-thirds of the way through a set of studies. Our goal is to help tribes and providers plan, fund, engineer, and operate fiber systems, wireless systems, and tower systems. Proper planning is key to the success of any broadband project. 

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Tribes are made up of citizens, departments, leaders, and businesses, and the success of all tribal initiatives depend on Comprehensive Economic Development and Development Strategies (CEDS). EnerTribe is well versed in the areas of economic development planning for tribes and can assist in all phases of the planning process. With a highly technical background, EnerTribe can ensure that tribal planning includes the technical needs of all government departments and initiatives. 

Planning, Permitting, Engineering & Oversight

  • Comprehensive economic development strategies (CEDS)
  • Grant funding & management
  • Separation of business & government planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market studies
  • Business plans
  • Civil engineering
  • Property surveys
  • Structural designs
  • Utility engineering
  • Construction management & monitoring
  • Stormwater compliance
  • Permitting assistance
  • Materials testing