Communications for Indian Country has always been the tap-root of our culture

When stories were currency and language was only spoken, communications is how we grew as a community. EnerTribe provides the means to fund, permit, manage, design, engineer, build and maintain a tribally chartered communications company or assist in structuring partnerships between tribe’s and the local provider.

We have industry professionals with 20+ years of experience in environmental permitting (section 106, cultural, EA, etc.), just as many years in fiber optic and wireless design & engineering and most important we were born and raised in Indian Country and have in depth understanding of tribal government and tribal enterprise.

EnerTribe Communications Services

  • Funding
  • Broadband feasibility studies
  • Broadband market studies
  • Broadband business plans
    • Fiber & wireless design, engineering, building & maintenance
    • Fiber, copper, datacenter etc. (FTTH, FTTC, FTTP)
    • Wireless design & engineering
    • Wireless installation & maintenance
    • Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint
    • Licensed Microwave
    • Millimeter-wave
    • WiFi
    • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for public safety and cellular (all carriers)
  • Project management

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