Telecom & Broadband

EnerTribe serves as a resource for three groups: Tribes, Providers, and Agencies. For Tribes, we help manage all phases of broadband infrastructure builds. For providers, we assist in project stabilization and management, permitting, and outreach to indigenous communities. For agencies, we serve as a resource, managing all phases of a telecommunications project.

Communications for Indian Country has always been the taproot of our culture

When stories were currency and language existed only verbally, communication was how we grew as indigenous communities. Today, EnerTribe understands that continued diligence in communication is as vital as ever. It is indispensable in helping us provide the means to fund, permit, manage, design, engineer, build, and maintain tribally chartered communications (or broadband) projects, as well as joint infrastructure projects between providers, agencies, and tribes. With limited resources, indigenous communities often struggle to plan, fund, and complete infrastructure projects. With a lifetime of working within tribal governments, the EnerTribe team depends on effective communication to help improve a tribe’s resources. This involves working with community, interdepartmental, and leadership processes within communities, agencies, and providers.

EnerTribe Communications Services

    • Planning
      • Broadband feasibility studies
      • Broadband market studies
      • Broadband business plans
      • Technical assistance
      • Funding strategy
    • Funding (state, federal, and private)
    • Engineering
      • Fiber
      • Wireless systems – EDX Signal Pro (point-to-point and multipoint and tower systems)
      • Network systems
    • Project management
    • Construction and grant management (all phases)
    • Environmental permitting 
    • Outreach and partnership strategy (Tribes, Providers, and Agencies)